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Bangalore, India
Mob: +91 9663302242


10 years of System Administration experience in IT industry with Linux and Open Source technologies in Enterprise Data Centers. Deep expertise in administration and implementation of Linux systems. Good implementation experience in emerging technologies like Virtualization, Cloud and Automation.

  • Linux: Redhat, Debian, Ubuntu
  • Virtualization: KVM, OpenVZ, RHEV
  • Cloud: Openstack, Cloudstack
  • Automation: Puppet, Chef, Saltstack
  • Applications: DNS, DHCP, Apache, Squid, PowerDNS, Qmail
  • File systems: LVM, NFS, SAMBA, Ceph, Gluster
  • Cluster: DRBD, Pacemaker, Corosync
  • Monitoring: Nagios

ITIL v3 Foundation Certified


Accenture ( [September 2006 – Present]
System Administrator

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with approximately 261,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries.

Project 1: Private Cloud
  • Leading a team to develop assets and artefacts for Accenture Private Cloud
  • Developed industrialized assets, blueprints, prototypes, use cases, point of views, design and build artifacts
  • Engaged with existing and prospective clients and provided SME advice on Accenture Private Cloud
  • Engaged with sales and client teams on RFPs/RFIs and work as part of Architecture project teams
  • Enhanced Accenture Private Cloud blueprint by mapping OpenStack components to functional blocks
  • Evaluated 5 top open source cloud management software viz. OpenStack, CloudStack, Eucalyptus, OpenNebula and OpenQRM and authored a Point of View comparing and contrasting these products
  • Implemented multi-tier application provisioning in OpenStack cloud, integrating it with Chef/Puppet
  • Implemented horizontal auto-scaling in OpenStack cloud, integrating it with Zenoss, OTRS and Chef
  • Installed and configured Essex, Folsom and Grizzly (multi-node architecture) versions of OpenStack
  • Integrated OpenStack (Grizzly) with OpenvSwitch to create Software-Defined-Networking tenant and service provider networks and routers
  • Implemented automated local user provisioning in instances created in OpenStack cloud through Chef recipes
  • Integrated KVM hypervisor with OpenStack
  • Conducted several SME sessions and delivered demonstrations to clients on OpenStack and Open source cloud technology
  • Created an open source configuration management and automation PoV by evaluating Chef and Puppet in a cloud environment
  • Implemented OpenStack vendor distributions from Red Hat and Ubuntu
  • Created designs for integrating OpenStack with Dell hardware/software and Netapp Flexpod
  • Familiar with OpenStack concepts of user facing availability zones and administrator facing host aggregates
  • Installed Hadoop components HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, HCat, Zookeeper, HBase, Pig, Sqoop, Oozie utilizing Ambari installation tool in CentOS
  • Implemented Software-Defined-Storage by integrating Ceph and Gluster to OpenStack cloud
  • Implemented horizontal auto-scaling use cases using OpenStack components – Heat, Ceilometer and LbaaS

Project 2: European pharmaceutical company with a global presence
  • Designed client's datacenter, based on Accenture's Next Generation Datacenter blueprint
  • Migrated compute and storage from legacy physical datacenters to NGDC virtual datacenters located in four continents
  • Created several migration and design assets as part of this engagement
  • Migrated Linux physical servers to virtual servers in VMware
  • Supported operations on Linux issues after migration
  • Involved in designing the infrastructure and preparing technical migration plan of Linux, HPUX and Solaris components
  • Migrated HP-UX servers to HP Integrity Virtual Machines (IVM) through Golden Image P2V migration process
  • Migrated data from attached SAN and NAS to new Datacenters
  • Handled operational issues on migrated servers adhering to ITSM workflows
  • Participated in CAB meeting as Linux migration expert and coordinated and executed datacenter wide complex Linux migrations and upgrades
  • Worked extensively with ZFS, SVM, VxVM and Solaris clusters during migrations
  • Automated several parts of migration procedure through shell scripting

Project 3: European construction company with presence in Middle East, US and APAC
  • Led IT Operations Team to on the client’s Linux, UNIX and Storage infrastructure
  • Senior team member in designing and implementing client's in-house IT infrastructure projects
  • Incident management, Change Execution and Problem Management where the main functions within IT Operations team
  • Automated SAN storage eplication in Linux using EMC Clariion Snapview and Mirrorview/Synchronus replication through scripting entire procedure in bash using EMC command line tools.
  • Design and implement internal Linux infrastructure projects
  • Remotely supported Datacenter migration (forklift) by verifying, powering down and powering up servers and applications
  • Streamline monitoring and backup of Linux infrastructure
  • Manage AIX infrastructure with LPARS and VIO on IBM Power Systems
  • Administered legacy SCO UNIX, HP-UX and DG/UX systems
  • Work with various technology teams for migration rollout
  • Familiar with EMC Clariion SAN, Centra NAS and Networker backup solution
  • Worked on Solaris SPARC servers with VxVM and VCS

Project 4: US financial company with global presence; operating the world’s largest UNIX commercial infrastructure
  • IT Operations team member in supporting open source and UNIX IT infrastructure
  • Involved in implementation of new IT infrastructure technologies and services
  • Implemented and operated Veritas Linux clusters
  • Configured SAN storage in Linux and configured VxVM and LVM file systems
  • Migrated ext2 to ext3 file system formats
  • Incident management and Change execution of UNIX infrastructure
  • Administered AFS distributed file system
  • Configured Kerberos for authentication
  • Wrote several scripts for automating datacenter process like data replication, PXE booting, configuration management
  • Managed Solaris clusters, SVM and Zones
  • Built new Linux servers through PXE and kickstart
  • Automated Linux user account creation, VCS resource creation and VXVM file system creation by creating bash scripts
  • Involved in a major disaster recovery process in which the team brought up ~10,000 servers at the DR location
  • Documented technical procedures in internal wiki

Spectrum Softtech Solutions ( [December 2004 – September 2006]
System Administrator

Spectrum is the first private ISP in Kerala and offers managed data center co-location services to domestic market and also offer medical transcription services to foreign market with approximately 200 people serving clients in India and US.
  • Implemented and operated IT infrastructure based on Open source components
  • Configured and administered Mail server system (Qmail, Squirrelmail, Spamassassin, djbdns, Spamhaus, Apache)
  • Managed Web server farm containing > 1500 websites with many multi-hosted web servers (Apache, Tomcat, SSL, PHP, Perl, AWStat).
  • Also supported collocated client server hardware issues
  • Configured hardware and software RAID
  • Worked on bade and rack server hardware
  • Managed primary and secondary DNS systems (PowerDNS, PowerAdmin, Bind)  with MySQL backend replication
  • Implemented Pfsense and Endian firewalls
  • Managed NetBSD and OpenBSD servers
  • Defined and automated server hardening procedures
  • Performed kernel upgrades of Redhat, Trustix and Debian servers
  • Built rack mounted HP-DL and IBM-E series server hardware from components
  • Implemented Squid  for web caching and content filtering
  • Configured Dansguardian content filtering and CBQ for shaping internet traffic
  • Implemented and administered Cacti monitoring servers
  • Expert in setting Iptable firewalls, IP masquerading and NATs
  • Implemented corporate firewalls using Pfsense and Endian products
  • Implemented SAMBA for internal file sharing
  • Implemented OTRS ITSM ticketing system to streamline internal IT support functions
  • Implemented OWL document management system and dotProject project management system
  • Configure VPN tunnels between US and India offices using OpenVPN and IPSEC

Minds Technologies [June 2003 – November 2004]
System Administrator

Minds is an IT Infrastructure Management and Service company which caters to domestic market in North India especially around NCR region with approximately 60 people in its rolls.
  • Involved in installing and configuring hardware and Linux operating systems and desktops on customer premises
  • Implemented NFS, SAMBA file servers and SQUID caching proxy servers
  • Implemented centralized user authentication using OpenLDAP and Radius
  • Installed and configured Debian and Red Hat desktop systems
  • Configured IT hardware – switches, HUBs, desktops, rack servers
  • Structured datacenter cabling
  • Implemented a full service of network, server and software installations for the IT infrastructure of a local manufacturing company

1. May’ 2003 - B.Tech Computer Science, Cochin University, Kerala
2. March’ 1998 - THSLC, Model Technical Higher Secondary, Kerala
3. March’ 1996 - SSLC, Lobelia High School, Kerala
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